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NewsGPT summarizes trending news stories in real-time while providing an interactive question and answer feature for registered users.

Why use NewsGPT?

Our platform was designed to save users time as they keep up with the digital news cycle. With NewsGPT, you can quickly comb through breaking news while also gaining context and answers to any questions you may have - all without having to open another tab.

What sets NewsGPT apart from other news platforms?

Our use of AI software allows us to write more comprehensive stories that leverage the scope of thousands of perspectives. Additionally, we can apply background knowledge and directly answer user’s topical questions via chat.

Our Q&A feature is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3.5-Turbo Engine

This is same technology that runs ChatGPT. Below each story’s summary, you will find a concise list of suggested questions to help guide your exploration of the topic. These questions are generated by OpenAI and questions asked by other users.

Credible & Accurate News Sources

NewsGPT actively crawls a curated list of vetted news sources, searching for newly published content. Our sources, chosen for their reputation and reliability, represent a wide array of viewpoints.

Quickly Find Trending News Stories

As we crawl our list of sources, we use entity analysis to understand what topics are trending. This allows us to present you with the most relevant and important news to date.

We invite you to question & explore with NewsGPT!

Our platform is constantly updating as new articles are discovered every 60 seconds and stories are updated as soon as new articles are found.

With our platform, you can access a wide range of news sources and stay informed on the topics that matter most to you.

Please note that NewsGPT is currently in its alpha phase and while we strive for perfection, there are current limitations and mistakes do happen! We are actively training our models to improve accuracy and appreciate your understanding.